Our approach, algorithms and software take self-driving where no autonomous vehicles have gone before. Our SAE level solution is based on integration of artificial intelligence sensor fusion.

Our application knowledge in the real within-traffic self-driving pilots, mobile, robotics and northern survival knowhow makes Sensible 4 the toughest vehicle automation system out there.  Welcome to the age of Snowtonomous technology.


We have developed the best in the world vehicle automation system for difficult environments. Today’s autonomous cars can only manage ideal driving conditions and struggle in snow, heavy rain, fog or if the road markings are not clearly visible. Sensible 4 automation system has been tested in harsh Finnish winter conditions and it's based on tens of years of research and on multiple outdoor mobile robot applications. Our automation system is platform free and can convert cars and other vehicles to automated ones so that they can be driven driverless.


We see shared automated vehicle fleets of autonomous shuttlebuses and microtaxis as the next revolution of urban mobility. They will have a huge impact on future mobility of people and goods, improve traffic safety by eliminating human errors, ease congestion, improve air quality and can lead to a more livable cities as the parking and other space dedicated to cars can be liberated to better use. That is why our autonomous driving system has been developed particularly for shared and public transport. 


Our shared automated mobility concept includes a remote controlling system to manage autonomous fleets from distance, which is a game changing feature for shared and public transport. Instead of making vehicles fully autonomous that can cope every situation imaginable, we aim to make them 99+ % autonomous with a fall back system that allows remote human interference and control so that the vehicle can be safely given new instructions when unexpected on-road event arises.