GACHA – Self-driving shuttle bus for all weather

GACHA by Sensible 4 and designed by MUJI is an autonomous shuttle bus designed for everyday use for people around the world – and for all weather conditions.

The first self-driving shuttle bus for all weather conditions

Launched in March 2019, GACHA takes autonomous shuttles to a whole new level. Powered by Sensible 4’s self-driving software and wrapped in MUJI’s stylish design, GACHA can be fully integrated in existing public transportation systems. Taking the city’s people to work, school, hobbies and wherever within the bus’ predefined zone of operations.

Because of the shuttle’s condition-defying intelligence and performance, GACHA smoothly navigates in heavy traffic and complicated urban surroundings. 

Offering smart, safe and sustainable on-demand transportation all year around.

Sensible 4 is currently producing a development fleet to be used for public open road pilots in 2020 in various cities in Finland and abroad. The series production of the shuttle bus is planned to be set up in 2021. For the same year, we have planned GACHA’s first permanent commercial operations to be established with integration to public transportation systems.

You can already order GACHA to your city, campus, business park or any other district that benefits from an autonomous shuttle bus of tomorrow.

GACHA Pilot Program in
Otaniemi, Espoo has ended

The early pilot program for GACHA in Otaniemi, Espoo has ended.

Thanks to all the participants!

Next up, GACHA will go to Hämeenlinna. More information coming soon.

Facts about GACHA:

  • Fullstack of autonomous driving sensors; lidars, radars, 360-degree camera vision, high precision GPS, inertia unit and control over 4GLTE/5G
  • Max speed: 40 km/h autonomous
  • Powertrain: 4WD electric
  • Range: 100+ km
  • Fast charging with wireless charging as an option
  • Dimensions: 4.5 * 2.4 * 2.8 m (L*W*H)
  • Capacity: 10 seats, 6 standing
  • Easy access for people with limited mobility
  • Exterior displays around the vehicle for vehicle intention communications

Future plans of GACHA bus


  • Pilots in Finland in cities of Espoo, Hämeenlinna, Vantaa and Helsinki.
  • First international demonstration
  • Development of first GACHA fleet


  • Precommercial operation of GACHA fleets in selected cities in Europe and beyond


  • First permanent commercial operations established
  • Integration to public transportation systems
  • Industrial production begin

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